Maritime man determined not to fall this winter

Maritime man determined not to fall this winter

Charlottetown — You know what they say on the island: if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes. Unfortunately in the winter, that means lots of freezing, thawing and ice buildup. But at least one islander is prepared.

“I have spiked cleats, trekking poles and padded shorts just in case,” said Paul MacDowell, looking more like an ice climber than someone heading to town for errands.

“You stand out a bit, but most people say, ‘Aw frig, wish I thought of that.'”

Just days into winter, MacDowell’s record is perfect. “The cleats are pretty solid, but if the ice is uneven you can get thrown off. I had a close fall on Sunday so I started using the poles.”

MacDowell plans to offer workshops in the new year. For more information, Google “How to survive a Maritime winter sidewalk.”

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