Maroon 5: this summer not expected to hurt like a mother-effer

Maroon 5: this summer not expected to hurt like a mother-effer

Fredericton — For anyone who was discouraged by last summer’s weather, the Los Angeles pop band Maroon 5 has good news for you.

In a forecast just released today, the band’s lead singer Adam Levine is predicting that New Brunswick’s summer is not expected to “hurt like a mother-effer.” This forecast stands in stark contrast to the band’s 2015 prediction, where they projected a continent-wide mother-effer of a summer.

Maroon 5’s summer forecast from 2015.

“Unlike last summer, Canada mostly will see summer weather that’s either sticky and gross or a pain in the ass,” said Levine. “Most of eastern Canada looks to be warmer than the west — predominantly ‘stupid hot’ in Quebec for example.

“In New Brunswick’s case, it is caught in a narrow band of even warmer weather that could be described as ‘hot as balls,'” explained Levine. “It will be warmer than usual, but by no means a mother-effer.”

Levine said that a portion of the Atlantic provinces are the only places in the country that will experience temperatures that will “hurt like a mother-effer.” This area includes all of Nova Scotia’s mainland as well as Cape Breton, and the majority of Prince Edward Island.

“If you’re in those regions, prepare for some mother-effin’ heat. It’s going to hurt just as bad as it did in 2015. Sorry, I wish I had better news for you!

“Don’t let it get you down though — if you’re in these regions, my advice is to stay out of the sun, listen to some awesome tunes from the band or to watch some episodes of The Voice. If you keep your eyes on me long enough, you’ll forget all about the weather, if you know what I mean.”

Maroon 5's 2016 summer forecast.

Maroon 5’s 2016 summer forecast.

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