‘Missed connection’ leads to mass confusion

‘Missed connection’ leads to mass confusion

Fredericton — A post on the “Fredericton Anonymous” Facebook group has been garnering a lot of attention — and confusion. The post, similar to “missed connections” classifieds, outlines an almost-encounter at the Olympic Symphonium’s Neil Young tribute show last weekend.

“You were wearing a plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and Blundstones. We locked eyes during the band’s rendition of ‘Harvest Moon,’ and you smiled at me, but I had to follow my friends off to a house party before I could introduce myself. I was wearing a plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and Blundstones.”

The post now has upwards of 500 comments, all of which are confused Frederictonians desperately trying to figure out who the poster might be, and whether the post was about them.

Kyle MacGowan is one commenter who’s sure he’s the mystery heartthrob. “I never go out without my Blundstones and my closet is pretty much a rainbow of plaid,” said MacGowan. “I remember looking around the crowd and noticing this girl glancing over at me again and again… I can’t imagine it being anybody else but her.”

The person who submitted the post revealed little about their identity, signing off on the note only as “Jackie.” The post also omits details such as gender, age, hair colour or further descriptions of either party’s appearance.

Sara Reid is another commenter fairly certain the mystery concertgoer is her. “I don’t really remember seeing anyone in particular, but I have three pairs of Blundstones and pretty much live in black jeans; it sounds just like me.”

As for whether or not she’d want to meet up with her secret admirer, Reid said she most likely would. “They sound like they’ve got a great sense of style.”

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