More housing controversial among people who already have housing

More housing controversial among people who already have housing

Fredericton — A potential new building development in Fredericton is drawing criticism for its proximity to other housing that already exists.

Cedar Valley Investments’ project, intended to bring more housing options to an area between Golf Club Road and Prospect Street, has encountered an unexpected obstacle: the people who are comfortably ensconced in their current homes.

The company initially put forward a plan to build seven apartment buildings, 11 townhouses, and roughly two dozen single-detached homes. This proposal, however, unleashed a veritable storm of objections at City Hall, with over 150 strongly worded letters of protest from local homeowners. Their chief concern? The potential influx of new neighbours.

The number of units that would be constructed is limited to a maximum of 950, should the proposal get the green light. But, that’s precisely 950 units too many for those who are content with their current living situation. Many locals argue that this is simply an excessive number of units for the area, with some likely wondering if one more house would tip the neighbourhood into chaos.

“As someone who lives in this area, I don’t think anyone else should live in the area,” said Jessica Charters. “I have a good thing going on and don’t want anything to change. Plus, can you imagine the traffic? My commute is long enough as it is!”

“Yeah!” should Kyle Colpitts, who just paid off his condo near the proposed development. “What if some of the apartments are ‘affordable’? It’s just asking for riff-raff we don’t want around. And I’ve heard poor people are a lot noisier than rich people.”

Our reporter informed Colpitts that, true to Cedar Valley’s nature, most of the apartments would be unaffordable for all but two-income households.

“Phew, that’s a relief!” he said. “But still, I’d rather everything stay the same.”

At press time, a Spirit Halloween was temporarily setting up shop in the empty field.

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