N.B.’er hopes no ones dies in pandemic — except for maybe one guy in particular

N.B.’er hopes no ones dies in pandemic — except for maybe one guy in particular

Oromocto — As uncertainty and fear over possible deaths from COVID-19 cover the province like spring snow, a New Brunswicker shared his thoughts of dread on social media yesterday.

Not long after New Brunswick released its projections of up to 1,750 possible deaths from the novel coronavirus, Corey Connard tweeted his hope that no loved one in anyone’s life falls victim to the disease.

“This new coronavirus is so deadly, it’s really terrifying!” tweeted Connard. “I hope everyone out there is safe and sound! Well, except for that Rick asshole…that guy can rot in hell. Seriously, fuck that guy.”

When contacted for follow-up, Connard expressed heart-wrenching sadness for the worldwide death toll in the tens of thousands.

“All of those mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers all over the world taken so tragically and suddenly! Those people will be so missed by their loved ones!

“And then there’s that shithead bully Rick and his ugly goblin personality who just keeps breathing the fucking air like he’s entitled to it. It’s just not fair.”

Perhaps surprisingly, Connard’s death-wish missive already has been liked or retweeted almost 1,500 times. One retweeter said she immediately knew who Connard was talking about. “I try to be a good Christian,” she said, “but that Rick guy is literally the worst. He called me fat and made oinking sounds at me. I mean, who does that?”

When asked for comment, the infamous Rick said, “Who cares what those haters and losers think?” before coughing right in my goddamn face.

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