NB man trucking gas, selling for cash

Jemseg — Lyle Wrams, a long-haul trucker from Jemseg, has found a clever way to make cash during the recent dip in gas prices. Headlines surrounding oil across the country are mostly doom and gloom, but Wrams is a ray of sunshine with his “Gas for Cash” business.

Wrams, a stocky red-faced man in his late 40s who somewhat resembles a human onion, drives his empty tanker truck from Jemseg to Lloydminster. From there he circulates around to all the gas stations in the city filling his 39,000L tank. Lately he’s been seeing prices around the 70-cents-per-litre mark.

truckOnce the truck is full, he wastes no time getting back to New Brunswick to sell the petrol for cash.

“Last time I set up at the Sobeys parking lot on Prospect Street in Fredericton,” he said proudly. “It’s all word of mouth; if I see someone coming out of the store I approach them and ask if they need to be filled up. Eighty-five cents a litre cash for good fuel right from Alberta. Nobody told me I can’t do ‘er, so by the jesus I’m gonna truck gas so long as it’s paying the bills.”

Wrams said he’s making somewhere in realm of $3,000 profit on every trip, which, depending on how badly his sciatica is acting up, takes about a week.

“I’m gonna be in the Kent’s parking lot in Saint John West on January 27th or 28th, and somewhere in Moncton after that, probably. I accept Canadian Tire money as legal tender, too,” he said.

  1. A good new story! I hope he’ll be able to afford an oil truck to allow him to travel a little more safely in the future.

  2. Bullshit, how does he carry a shitload of gas over the scales without proper containment


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