UdeM kissing video inspires bold new recruitment tactics

Moncton — After a Université de Moncton promotional video was viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube, schools across New Brunswick are ramping up their recruitment techniques in order to compete.

The video, which accurately depicts the fast lifestyle experienced by all Université de Moncton students, continues to spark controversy, with one educator even calling it “pathetic” and likening it to a beer commercial. Other schools across the province are threatened by the video’s monumental success, and hope to gain similar attention with their own recruitment tactics.

“Basically, the thing made UdeM seem like Club Med,” said St. Thomas University psychology professor Sean Ingram. “What with all bad buzz about the strike, we’re hoping to lighten up the atmosphere and make potential students realize that at STU, we’re not about old buildings and books — we’re about having a good time.”


The STU administration plans to film their own provocative video while they’re on strike, as most of the members are already vacationing in tropical locations, wearing swimsuits and drinking fruity cocktails.

UNBSJ, similarly, has launched an “Engineering is Sexy” campaign, and is in the process of plastering the campus and surrounding areas with photos of engineers not studying or on the job, but hitting up nightclubs and pumping iron at the gym. Written on the posters are edgy slogans like “Engineering — anything but civil” and “Electrical engineers will get your motor running,” among others not fit for print in The Manatee.

Mount Allison University in Sackville has decided to simply play on their location by pushing a flirty new recruitment message, “Mount A: Fun in the Sack,” in high schools across New Brunswick.

“Let’s see UdeM top that!” exclaimed Mount A administrator Valerie Trimble.

  1. Je pense que je vais descendre dans le sud là-bas jusqu’à Moncton
    Aller à l’université pour me chercher du fun

  2. I loved the Sackville message! Too funny!


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