New Brunswick driver’s tests now offered through ‘Grand Theft Auto’ online

New Brunswick driver’s tests now offered through ‘Grand Theft Auto’ online

New Brunswick — On Tuesday, it was announced that the province will be offering portions of its driving tests online in an effort to move a number of governmental processes to the virtual space. Then, on Wednesday, it was clarified that these tests will be offered through the online multiplayer mode for the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V.

“We determined that the infrastructure for testing already existed, thanks to Rockstar’s impressive attention to detail in their game,” said Rob Horwood, Vice President of Public Services for Service New Brunswick, during an online press conference. “Therefore, we thought that this was the most efficient, cost-effective approach to moving our driver’s tests online.”

The Manatee was able to access a livestream of the first online test Thursday morning via GNB’s Twitch account.

The applicant was 16-year-old Caleb Park, who played the game for 20 minutes while monitored by an instructor. Afterward, there was a brief evaluation over Zoom.

“You showed an impressive command of the vehicle, especially when it came to parallel parking,” the instructor told him. “You did, however, run a number of red lights throughout Los Santos, and, by my count, killed…”

Here, she referred to her notes.

“Four. You killed four prostitutes. Now, ordinarily, this would be considered a strike against you. But, seeing as you were able to execute a magnificent two-point turn in order to do so, I’ll be willing to overlook it. Just be sure to be more careful around prostitutes in the future.”

“I will,” Park promised.

“In that case, I’m happy to tell you that you have competed the requirements of your driving test,” she told him. “We will be sending you your licence in the mail. Congratulations!”

Just then, an PSN Trophy notification flashed onto Park’s screen reading “Class Seven Driver.” 

On video, Park could be seen beaming with pride.

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