New Brunswick fails to make Canada’s annual Top 10 Provinces List for third consecutive year

New Brunswick fails to make Canada’s annual Top 10 Provinces List for third consecutive year

New Brunswick — The results are in, and while Canadians across the country are eager to see where on the list their provinces were ranked, New Brunswickers are left with a sour taste in their mouths for a third year in a row.

Is it the lack of economic growth in our small province? Is it the above-average unemployment rate that rarely seems to trend in the right direction? Or have people just grown tired of all the exciting [sic] things to do around here?

Canada’s Top 10 Provinces List, not to be confused with Canada’s Top 3 Territories List, is a publication released annually on Valentine’s Day, and while it may be the most romantic time of the year, New Brunswickers are once again left feeling loveless and forgotten.

“It’s just not right!” a very distraught Kim Lefort told The Manatee. “I mean I get it, like completely, but still.” Lefort is a longtime resident of Fredericton, but she admits that she didn’t vote for New Brunswick on the recent ballot.

The list is created via online poll, one where anyone with an internet connection and a Canadian passport can vote. With the vast majority of the Canadian population living west of New Brunswick, it seems as though our little province has managed to slips through the cracks once again.

“I guess they just don’t care that we exist,” a disheartened Marcel Dwyer told us. He is the founder of the Facebook group “Get NB back on that Jesus list,” and has actively been trying to convince more New Brunswickers to vote on the online poll since the poor results were announced last year.

“I mean yeah, of course I’m a little heartbroken. We’re like the annoying cousin of provinces, it’s no secret. Everyone always remembers the potato Islanders and those friggin’ Scotians, and of course those Newfoundlanders, but what really bothers me is that Labrador came in 10th on the list, and they’re not even a province!

“I think maybe it’s time we change our slogan to something like, ‘Hey! We’re here too, remember?’ because clearly no one really wants to ‘Be…in this place.’”

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