New Brunswick’s favourite reads of 2020

New Brunswick’s favourite reads of 2020

New Brunswick — Now that we can comfortably examine 2020 in the rearview mirror, we can begin to parse out the small number of good things to come out of an otherwise troubling year.

For instance, despite the all of the problems that came with the pandemic, we can at least take heart that it finally gave us the time to get to that big pile of books on our nightstand.

According to both New Brunswickers we polled for this article, these were the top reads of 2020: 

—About half of the first Harry Potter book, before J.K. Rowling started running her mouth again on Twitter. 

—The banana bread recipe on

—One of the Dennis Oland “true crime” books. Don’t remember which one.

—The subtitles for Tiger King while I was watching it in bed without the volume on, so my husband wouldn’t know I was actually three episodes ahead. 

—My eviction notice. 

How To Be An Antiracist. An incredibly important book. I listen to the audio version every week while I vacuum.

The Manatee headlines. Only the headlines. 

Pete the Cat, about million goddamn fucking times. Who gives a fuck what colour his shoes are, Kevin!? Jesus Christ.

—Actually, I just remembered, it wasn’t a book at all, it was the Dennis Oland podcast. 

Infinite Jest. Prove that I didn’t. 

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