Report: Fringe weirdos have ruined little flags on cars

Report: Fringe weirdos have ruined little flags on cars

New Brunswick — In recent years, it’s become a somewhat popular symbol of true, patriot love on your daily driver.

But according to one New Brunswicker, cars with little flapping maple leaves are a huge red flag.

While Canadian flags on cars used to only appear around Canada Day, they have become a year-round sight since the advent of pro-convoy, anti-COVID restriction protests. Some are now complaining that these folks on the fringe have fouled up flags for everyone.

“I bought one of those little car flags at the Dollarama, and I used to put it on my car every year for Canada Day,” said 63-year-old Moncton resident Petey Drapeau. “I know it’s corny, but I’ve always loved to fly the flag to show my Canadian pride. And also, I drink lots of good beer!” he laughed.

However, Drapeau maintains that since they have been adopted by the lunatic fringe, he’s no longer able to comfortably drive around with his mini flag.

“It’s like walking around wearing a Trump MAGA hat and a ‘EFF TRUDEAU’ t-shirt,” he said grimly. “When they see your car flag, everyone suddenly gives you a wide berth because they think you’ve got a screw loose upstairs. You can see the fear in their eyes like, ‘Uh oh, it’s one of those nutbars. I bet they want to talk about their ‘free-dumbs’ with me. Don’t make eye contact, for God’s sake!'”

While car flags are spoiled for him, Drapeau says there is an upside. “It is nice that the fringe weirdos can find each other now, and leave the rest of us alone. They used to have to go to a People’s Alliance or Anglophone Rights Association meeting to see each other, but now that can happen in any parking lot.”

Drapeau thinks despite the reactions they elicit, there’s no reason to fear the fringe. “Generally speaking, they’re offensive but harmless. If you give them a Facebook account and a little flag, they’ll pretty much leave you alone.”

  1. Ironic that his last name means ”Flag” in french.

  2. I reserve the right to show my pride in my country however I choose, despite those wanting to silence me. Ironic that a “news source” is openly denigrating a section of the population, and will remove any comments it chooses. So much for free speech and impartial reporting.

  3. Why is calling the group of Canadians opposing mandates and supporting the freedom convoy ‘weirdos’. When you wirte about LGBTQXYZ Activistis do you call them activists of perhaps quotes someone who calls them lunatics? When you write about Muslim clerics do you refer to them as clerics or perhaps quote someoen calling them fanatics?


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