New poll: Susan Holt already gaining on top choice for premier – ‘Anyone but Higgs’

New poll: Susan Holt already gaining on top choice for premier – ‘Anyone but Higgs’

Fredericton — New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs is feeling the heat, and not just from the summer weather.

On Saturday, the provincial Liberal Party elected Susan Holt as their new leader, and she is already shaking up the landscape according to an early poll.

Numbers released today by Anecdotal Research show Holt already gaining on the respondents’ top choice for N.B. premier, “Literally anybody but Blaine Higgs.”

Pollster Donna Miller explained that Holt’s early rise in the polls is a good sign for the provincial Liberals. However, she’s quick to add that it’s not saying much considering the majority of voters would prefer a wet dog humping their leg to Blaine Higgs at this point.

“Higgs is at that tricky point in his mandate where nobody likes him and everyone hates him, and thinks he should go eat worms,” said Miller. “Big fat juicy ones, eensie weensy squeensy ones…well, you get the idea.”

Miller also released the other top choices for premier according to voters. Sadly for Higgs, he failed to make the list again this quarter. The full list of voters’ choice for New Brunswick Premier as of August 2022 is as follows:

#10. Pete Davidson

#9. Fiddle Ed

#8. The QAnon Shaman

#7. The Maugerville Potato Man

#6. The “Old Guy” table at Tim Hortons

#5. “That Green Party hippie-dippy ‘free love’ guy” (David Coon)

#4. Dolly Parton

#3. Wayne Gretzky

#2. “That new Liberal lady” (Susan Holt)

#1. Literally anybody but Blaine Higgs

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