Right-wing wants to ban Christian immigrants to Canada

Right-wing wants to ban Christian immigrants to Canada

Rogersville — In the wake of the tragic shooting at a Quebec City on Sunday evening, right-wing activists are pressuring Ottawa to implement a ban on immigrants from Christian countries for the next 90 days.

“We know the shooter at the mosque called himself a Christian crusader and he had a lot of Christian associates who may or may not have been involved too,” argued alt-right activist Connasse Bonsang. “We need to lock down the border now to keep our citizens safe. We don’t feel secure with so many Christians crossing our border every day from these other countries.”

The proposed Christian ban, similar to the infamous “Muslim ban” in the U.S., would target immigrants from the 7 largest Christian countries — China, Nigeria, the Philippines, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and the United States of America.

When it was pointed out that the suspect in Sunday’s shooting was a Canadian-born Christian citizen and not an immigrant, Bonsang was unflinching. “Look, we’ve seen this before in the United States with the San Bernardino shooting, which was committed by someone who was born in America,” he said.

“We’ve learned from the United States that when these horrible acts happen, the most important thing to focus on is the religion of the shooter. Even though there are millions and millions of other people with the same religious beliefs who don’t murder people, we know that we need to stop people at the border who have a slight resemblance to those awful, evil people.

“America has taught us another important lesson in the last week — if you ban immigrants on a religious basis, you stop evil and terrorism,” concluded Bonsang.

“That said, they better stay on their side of the border for now… just in case.”

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