Same 10 people make up all 400 Fredericton bands

Same 10 people make up all 400 Fredericton bands

Fredericton — You’ve seen the posters, heard the radio ads and scrolled past show announcements on social media for Fredericton’s hundreds of bands, but what you and other locals may not realize is that each and every band in the city is made up of various combinations of the very same 10 people.

“I noticed that there were a crazy number of bands for such a small city, so one day I sat down and counted them all and figured out that there are like 400,” said music lover Chelsey Irvine. “Well, 408 to be precise. But when I looked up the names of the members, I realized that it’s just 10 people. And two of them are my roommates.”

We spoke with these roommates to find out what’s going on with the Fredericton music scene.

“I started playing drums as a kid, got into singing in middle school, picked up bass around the same time, learned saxophone and harmonica and keyboard in high school, and it just sorta went from there,” said Adam LeRoy, one of Irvine’s roommates.

“I started my band Voodoo Pencilpusher in university and then before I knew it I was heading up The Stinky Petes, Space Popsicle, Ferocious Mayor, September’s Iron Policemen, and a few others. Later I started helping out with some other bands like Hot Shouting Hamsters, Zadie Kills the Hummingbird, Pointless American Guppies and Sex on Wood Shavings…yeah most of those bands don’t exist anymore but I think it’s pretty much the same people in all the current bands.”

LeRoy then handed us a flyer for his upcoming show on Friday.

ā€œIā€™m drumming in the opening act, singing in the middle and then playing bass in the headliner — come see us this weekend at the Capital! Tickets are only $18 per person with a $10 cover, and a two-drink minimum!ā€

Irvine’s other roommate, Jeff Gerard, is somehow in no fewer than 126 bands.

“Red Sticky Insides is my cousin’s band that I manage, Death by Sausages is the metal band I started back in the day because everyone was super into metal. I’ve been neglecting practice for that one but I’m still heavily involved in a bunch more, like Spinning Goat and February Drinking Thoughts. Literally too many to name.”

One band contains all 10 Fredericton musicians.

“We’re one of those rollicking bluegrassy ballad bands that livens up a room with stomping and clapping and a lot of a capella stuff. We’re called Corn Husk and I think you’d love our sound,” said Gerard. “Anyway, come see us next weekend! Tickets are just $30 and if you say you know me I can probably get you in half price.”

  1. Having grown up in Fredericton this article is 100% accurate. I thought this was a satire website


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