Sources: Trump revealed his PIN code to Russians

Sources: Trump revealed his PIN code to Russians

Washington D.C. — Only hours after it was revealed that Trump gave classified information to the Russians, new allegations against U.S. President Donald Trump are coming to light.

Sources now are saying that Trump also gave the Russian foreign minister his personal identification number (PIN) code for his private bank account during the same meeting.

During the cordial exchange in the Oval Office with Russian diplomats, Trump not only revealed the PIN to access his private bank account, he also revealed his weight, his wife’s real hair colour and his Windows password. He also gave the diplomats a copy of his infamous tax returns for the past 10 years as well as uncomfortable details about a weird mole on his back.

“It’s like he needs to reveal secrets just to get the attention,” said a frustrated staffer. “Then, he has to up the ante the next time to get that same thrill. Frankly, we are quite worried about what’s next.”

The Manatee has received unconfirmed reports that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are giving the president sudoku puzzles and telling him they are the nuclear launch codes. “We think that’s the only reason that the missiles are still operational and we haven’t started World War III yet,” reported the confidential source.

So far, Trump has made no comments about the confidential information that he allegedly revealed to the Russians. However, he did tweet that he will be reviewing the security procedures for information sharing after he returns from the secret alien embassy located at Area 51 in Nevada.

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