'The Manatee' launches job-search board game 'JobHunt!™'

The Manatee‘s own Brandon Hicks has created a fun-filled board game for the entire New Brunswick family! “JobHunt!” is the the deceptively simple game of finding a sustainable job in New Brunswick. This game is playable for up to 4 people, ages 14 to 65 — and also 65+, depending on how effectively you’ve managed your savings. Just cut out the printable game board, character models and playing cards (dice not included), and you’re all set to play!
All players must start at the “START” side of the game board. If you can’t do that…well, you’ll probably still be competitive in the New Brunswick job market! Haha! We like to make jokes around here; games are all about fun, after all. Anyway, the goal of the game is to get to the “GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT” side of the game board. You roll the die to move forward. If you happen to land on either “TEMP CARD” or “CHANCE CARD,” you must pick up one of the colour-coordinated playing cards provided and follow the written instructions.
That’s all there is to it! Good luck!

Character cut-outsJob Hunt! boardTemp Job Cards EditChance cards (1)


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