The prime minister was next door the other day, in case you didn’t notice

The prime minister was next door the other day, in case you didn’t notice

New Brunswick—It is generally acknowledged that the Canadian prime minister occupies a significantly smaller role in the public discourse than the American president. This was made especially evident this week, after Justin Trudeau made several scheduled stops in the Maritimes to little fanfare.

The Manatee spoke with political theorist Malcom Tenderlaw about Canada’s disinterest in their political leaders.

“The States have made an industry out of the presidency,” Tenderlaw explained over a cup of coffee. “Part of their political machinations over there is an intense focus on the cult of personality. Our political process is much more refined.

“In Canada, the prime minister has a great deal of power, but he is placed more in the position of an official delegate for his party. A mere representative. Which means he can show up pretty much anywhere, and people won’t make much of it…Oh, shoot, here he comes now.”

“Hello, friends! I felt my ears burning! Did I hear my name coming from this direction?” said Trudeau, making his way over to the table.

“Um…no,” said Tenderlaw, scratching his eyebrow and looking away. “We were just, uh, talking about the new Suicide Squad movie.”

“Oh!” said Trudeau. “I haven’t seen it yet. I loved the first one, though. Listen, do you mind if I take a minute to chat to you two about my post-virus economic plan? 

“Well, actually,” said Tenderlaw, “this is just kind of a two-person…uh, thing. We haven’t seen each other in a long time, what with COVID and all, so we just kind of want to, like…”

“Say no more,” said Trudeau, waving his hand. “I’ll leave you to it. But, if you guys have any questions, or just want to chew the fat, I’ll just be over here.”

He pointed to a dark corner of the coffee shop, clearly within hearing range of the table. 

“Of course you will,” said Tenderlaw, massaging the bridge of his nose beneath his glasses.

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