Vaccine driver’s licences to follow vaccine passports

Vaccine driver’s licences to follow vaccine passports

Fredericton — As the federal government prepares to reveal its vaccine passport for international travel this fall, today the Higgs government unveiled its own upcoming vaccine identification document for New Brunswick drivers.

The new “vaccine driver’s licence” will be the first official vaccine identification card to be distributed in New Brunswick. The document will replace the conventional licences for drivers who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The new card is the government’s first attempt to provide an easily verifiable means to show one’s vaccination status. As of today, almost 28 per cent of New Brunswickers are not fully vaccinated.  Over 112,000 eligible New Brunswickers still haven’t received any type of COVID-19 vaccination at all.

“We need some kind of way to pick these possible COVID vectors out of a crowd,” said Service New Brunswick minister Mary Wilson. “No one is going to force unvaccinated people to get the shot, but we need to give businesses and schools a way to know who is and who isn’t. That’s the only way people can be protected in a post-mask world.”

When asked if this will promote discrimination against the unvaccinated, Wilson says she sees it differently. “Let’s say you’re hosting a milk-drinking contest. You might want to make sure that none of the contestants are lactose-intolerant. You’d probably laugh and say, ‘C’mon Mary, why would a lactose-intolerant person enter a milk drinking contest?’ Well, people do unhealthy things for lots of reasons, who the eff really knows why.”

“So, you have your contest and before you know it Joe Blow from Oromocto is cutting the cheese everywhere, and then ends up in the men’s room exploding in one of the stalls. No one wants to be around that, and they shouldn’t have to just to make Joe Blow happy.”

Wilson concluded by saying that vaccine Medicare cards, vaccine hunter’s licences, vaccine fishing licences and even vaccine library cards will follow in 2022.

  1. Mary Wilson needs to be yanked from cabinet. Being lactose intolerant has no relevance to an experimental injection full of graphine and in some places shreds of steel was found in the vaccine.


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