Universities see influx of senior citizens applying to take advantage of free tuition

Universities see influx of senior citizens applying to take advantage of free tuition

Fredericton — New Brunswick universities have unwittingly marketed themselves toward a new demographic by bullying the Liberal government into giving free tuition to students of low-income families. Because there’s no age limit on the new policy, UNB, STU, Mount A and Université de Moncton are seeing applications flood in from hundreds of senior citizens wanting to take advantage of this great deal.

“When I grew up during World War II, I never thought I’d have the chance to attend school,” said Gertrude Simmons of Moncton. “Now thanks to the Liberal government and that adorable Brian Gallant, I’m getting the opportunity I didn’t dare dream of — a university education! None of my siblings made it past the tenth grade, and I’ll have a B.A., which I’m told is practically a guarantee of a good job.”

“I’ve got nothing but time on my hands, and I don’t want to be a greeter at Walmart anymore,” said Bernie Malcolm, 87, “so I’m going to go back to school to make something of myself. I’ll make Mom proud yet, God rest her soul.”

This fall, students will be sitting in Criminology or Botany class alongside their parents — or even grandparents.

“It’s going to be super weird going to school with Grandpa… like now he’s not just dropping me off, but coming to class with me,” said second-year UNB student Vanessa Bubar. “What does he need a degree for? I get that it’s free, and that’s nice for him, but if he tries to go to the Social Club for Buckets, I’m pretending I don’t know him.”

A Manatee reporter spoke with several members of the university administrations across the province, who all seemed happy that people are applying for university, period.

“It doesn’t matter how old these people are. In fact, the older the better,” said STU recruiter Tom Jardine. “Think about it — if some geezer kicks the bucket the day they finish their degree, we get all the money from the government for their time spent at STU, but we’re not on the hook for finding another non-existent job post-graduation. It’s going to make us look great.”

  1. 25 years ago the province promoted itself to Quebec and from that point we were invited by Quebec separatist that infiltrated our bilingual province where English and French lived in peaceful harmony . When I grew up I was told for me to acquire a good job a had to be good in English. Now 30 years later am told my French is not good enough to be employed in the provinces I’ve worked in all my life. I believe its time that the French native of New Brunswick and the English native of this province band together to show that we are not interested in being part of a Quebec like revolutions. The government of New Brunswick does not reflect the French speaking from New Brunswick. They are speaking for the mentality of people that do not believe in bilingualism. I am embarrassed to say that I foretold this would happen many years ago when places like Dieppe had basically band English.
    I understand why the New Brunswick provincial government want to offer free tuition. Because with all the issues they have cause with there French commandments. If I was I pass student I would demand a refund from a University or Universities that have not set forth proper support and made a French course a mandatory part of my education to become bilingual therefore I would not be able to apply for any government job in this province. But I do suggest that all tuition be refunded to qualified English students not told that they will have no potential of employment do to in proper educational advise by the University nor provided proper guidance RE; Fluent French and English mandatory if not no need to apply ………..
    So therefore now with free tuition it can be use omit this governmental fauxpas…
    This is the opinion of a French person who grew being proud to be bilingual /Acadian and as I may no longer speak for the pears of my youth I can guaranty their opinions would be the same.
    The province dept. is directly cause by governments who praise them self with election promises of a better future. The government should be no different then a business, if not profitable and governed by a proper CEO and board of directors, then the root cause as to be address and appropriate changes need to be implemented to a balance budget . Most likely this is achieved by change management and firing people in UN necessary administrative burden position to create employment for the “who you know”. Government should be no different right up to the CEO, CFO and business unit manager and held accountable for their miss management. So lets all stop for a minute and ask a very simple question and demand an answer “WHY” are we in the state of miss management that were in and lets do something about put and end to this bilingualism bigotry “proud French /English bilingual .”
    Also I know of no French new brunswicker that does not speak or understand English so when does it become mandatory that I can only be addressed in French ……. For the millions of dollars that is spent by the government of New Brunswick for Frechglish signage …. I wish to be able to communicate with the rest of the English speaking word and provinces. I strongly suggest then that is were reflect to mother tongue that we add the indigenise languish as am pretty sure they were on this land first.
    “Concern Frenchmen embarrass New Brunswick “………….


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