Fredericton men use #metoo movement to justify not celebrating Valentine’s Day

Fredericton men use #metoo movement to justify not celebrating Valentine’s Day

Fredericton — Earlier this month, UNB student Darren Grant started a Facebook group called #TimesUpValentinesDay in hopes of bringing an end to the holiday’s celebrations, which he deems “incredibly sexist towards women.”

The group quickly amassed 204 male followers, all of whom seemed eager to rally behind its ideology.

They held a public demonstration, which they termed a “women’s march,” outside of the university campuses Saturday morning, carrying signs bearing slogans like “Cupid is Stupid” and “Saint Valentine Was a Dirty Old White Guy.”

While there were no women in sight, there were fourteen men in attendance, all of whom assured The Manatee that their wives and girlfriends were going to show up “at any moment.”

“I texted Brittany an hour or so ago,” said one of the attendees. “She hasn’t replied yet, but I’m sure she’ll head right over when she sees it.”

When asked why he started this movement and organized this march, Grant said it started with his girlfriend, whom he believes finds Valentine’s Day abhorrent.

“I don’t want to just, like, thrust gifts, chocolates or any other symbol of my affection on her,” said Grant, “you know? So, I asked her, I was like, ‘We’re not doing anything for Valentine’s Day, right?’ She was real quiet for a moment, then said, ‘No, I guess we’re not,’ and she got up and left the room, clearly upset.”

He beamed, visibly proud of his progressive thinking and tact.

“I mean, thank god I asked. If just the suggestion bothered her that much, imagine if I’d have gone ahead and planned a big dinner or something? She’d have been devastated.”

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