New Brunswickers feeling powerless after yet another blizzard

New Brunswick — Another blizzard blasted New Brunswick over the weekend and it has left thousands without power. Residents are feeling lethargic, lazy, restless and totally annoyed with this seemingly never-ending winter that the province is facing.

“I thought we were turning a corner,” lamented a couch-ridden Rebecca Burke of Hampton. “We had a little sunshine last week, some snow melted and I could even see a little bit of my driveway.” Burke told The Manatee that she was hopeful that the weather reports were wrong and the storm would miss New Brunswick altogether. “I was really hoping that it would all just hit Nova Scotia — that’s where my ex lives.”

power2It seemed as though by midday Sunday, the entire province was in lockdown mode. The streets were empty except for the few brave souls who tested the elements as they headed toward their local grocer to stock up storm chips. “Dill pickle, salt and vinegar, barbecue — heck I’ll even eat Hickory Sticks in a storm,” explained Tom Klein of Woodstock. “You gotta have storm chips. I went out and got them, and then lost all of my power right when I got back to the house — crashed on the chesterfield the rest of the night watching Swamp People. Man, they know how to catch gators.”

“I just can’t take this power outage anymore,” said Jesse Steeves of Tay Creek. “I want to get outside. I want to smell the flowers, complain about bugs and heat — I want to live again.”

Whether bedridden, couch-stricken, floor-bound or pasted to a La-Z-Boy recliner, much of New Brunswick is still left without power today and with faint hopes that this snowfall will finally spell the last of winter.

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