Anti-vaccine Bathurst mom spotted with daughter at apparent chicken pox costume party

Bathurst — Rita LaSalle, a northern New Brunswick woman who overtly stands her ground against the vaccination movement, was spotted with her daughter early Tuesday. Witnesses were inevitably forced to assume the pair were on their way to “chicken pox costume party,” as both were evidently sporting strikingly realistic chicken-pox regalia.

“I’m not sure where they were going, but one thing’s for sure, they got some pretty nifty-looking rash costumes on. They must have picked them up at the costume shop on Water Street up in Chatham. They have everything there, even Star Trek stuff,” explained Gerard Surette to The Manatee’s news staff while pumping gas at a Bathurst Irving.

vaccineSurette went on to share that LaSalle will often provide him with free healthcare advice regularly as she holds a certificate in photography from an online university that has since gone out of business. Her additional training stems from watching 40 minutes of Jenny McCarthy’s new A&E series Donnie Loves Jenny as well as the first season of Jesse Ventura’s YouTube show, Conspiracy Theory.

Surette was happy to report he stopped taking his medication following sound advice from LaSalle. Sadly, he could not continue the interview as he began to feel light-headed. Surette was nice enough to invite our reporter to complete the interview next week at a Canadian duck-themed restaurant known as The Quackery up in Bathurst.

The Manatee’s news staff was lucky enough to take a sneak peek at the apparent chicken pox-themed party through a window belonging to building known as “Clinique Medicale.” One can only assume this translates to “costume party place” in English. It appeared other people were dressed up as measles, mumps, and one man was donning a very convincing whooping cough costume that will clearly take first prize.




  1. I hope you get sued for this post… It’s defamatory…I’d slap you so hard with a libel suit, it would make your head spin….you cannot write articles like this about people without expecting backlash…


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